What to expect

After your initial phonecall to our centre, our referrals coordinator will deal with your query immediately and will select a therapist whom she considers most suitable for your needs.

What to Expect

After your initial phone call to our centre, our referrals coordinator will select a therapist whom she considers would be most suitable for your needs.  The named therapist will then phone you and will set up an introductory appointment with you.

All therapy sessions take place in the Dublin Gestalt Centre and generally last for one hour. Individual psychotherapists discuss payment with you when making the initial appointment and some low-cost payment arrangements are available. Our therapists offer both short and long term psychotherapy work.

In the Dublin Gestalt Centre we do not have a waiting room or waiting area. We are very mindful of issues of confidentiality and privacy for all our clients. We therefore ask all of our clients to arrive at the designated time of their appointment. If you arrive somewhat early there are a number of coffee shops close by the therapy centre.


What is therapy?

Most people decide to come for therapy when they are experiencing some emotional, psychological, social, family or work related difficulties in their lives. When the therapist and client meet, they explore together the specific ways in which the client may need support or assistance in their lives.

The therapist listens to the client without judgment and works in the sessions with warmth respect & encouragement. In therapy sessions the client is assisted to gain greater understanding and find their own solutions to the difficulties they are experiencing in their lives.

What is Gestalt Therapy?

The word Gestalt is  German, used in describing the whole as being more than the sum of the parts and the pattern within the whole.

The Gestalt approach to Psychotherapy draws on both these meanings, seeing people as inextricable parts of their environments, both affecting and affected by these environments.

Gestalt psychotherapy is a practical and creative approach to psychotherapy, emphasizing that people cannot be understood in isolation, but only as part of the environments in which they live.

We can all get  “stuck” in old patterns of behavior and fixed ideas, and this can block our communication and contact with others. The focus of Gestalt Therapy is on helping the individual to develop more awareness of these behaviors and ideas. This awareness is supported by fosusing on the ‘here and now’ within the therapy session.

Gestalt Practitioners in the Dublin Gestalt Centre highlight a relational focus in Gestalt therapy, and believe that the self can only be realized and individualized in the context of others.

Gestalt therapy is effective with individuals, couples, families and in groupwork settings.

It is also highly effective with people who have a wide range of difficulties, and can be offered as short-term or long-term therapy.