Workshop on Nonviolent Communication

Integrating the work of Marshall Rosenberg into your Practice

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Our courses are experiential and provide practitioners with experience of the Gestalt process and how to integrate it in their work. They provide an opportunity to learn about gestalt through their experience of the process in the group, modelling by the trainers, exercises to highlight aspects of the approach and opportunities for supervised practice of what has been learned.

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Workshop on Nonviolent Communication

Integrating the work of Marshall Rosenberg into your Practice


Facilitated by Glenn Treacy

Saturday, 10 February 2024
Dublin Gestalt Centre, 66 Lower Leeson Street
9am to 5pm

The process of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) was developed by the clinical psychologist Marshall Rosenberg in the late 60s. The name of this modality was born out of the civil rights movements and the Detroit race riots that Rosenberg experienced. The Centre for Nonviolent Communication ( supervises and accredits trainers, coaches and mediators. In the hands of a master, I have witnessed breath-taking transformations, particularly in the area of mourning and reconciliation.

I came to NVC as a way to heal and grow my relationships with family. I experienced it as a paradigm shift in the way I related to others. Over the years it has been developed into a very visual and creative approach. The core principles can be learned quite quickly, it is theoretically straightforward and can shine a light on both intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts in an efficient way.

In this one day programme, you will experience Rosenberg’s process in an experiential way and we will explore the applications of this approach to your psychotherapy practice. We will work in small groups, full group, with demonstrations and plenty of opportunity to practice. The training will be delivered in a very visual, creative and playful way.

Workshop style

  • Totally Experiential
  • Small groups, full group, demonstrations
  • Playful
  • Plenty of opportunity to practice
  • Opportunity to bring client issues


  • Approaches to working with emotional shut down or resistant clients
  • Visual and object based approach for highly cognitive clients
  • Help clients understand the impact of their language
  • Work effectively with couples, family relationships and groups
  • Use of needs to help clients to become more embodied
  • A novel way to work with interpersonal conflicts
  • Learn simple but effective structures to mediate

Date:               10 February 2024

Time:               9am – 5pm

Group size:     10

CPD:                7 hours

Location:         Dublin Gestalt Centre, 66 Lower Leeson Street, D02HW26

Cost:                €150

Discount:        10% discount for pre-accredited


Glenn is a qualified as a Gestalt oriented psychotherapist. He is also a certified mediator and communication coach ( Glenn is a Certified Associate member of IAHIP (Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy) and works to their standards and code of ethics. He completed a five year training in body oriented psychotherapy (Biosynthesis) in Switzerland with the late David Boadella.

He is very interested in the role that communication plays in our lives, both our communication with others and our internal dialogue. He supports couples and groups to explore their communication patterns, helping them find alternative ways of expression so that they can feel heard.

Personal and professional challenges led him to the work of clinical psychologist, Marshall Rosenberg. Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC) training has enabled a transformation in his personal and professional relationships and he incorporates this approach in his therapy work and coaching. Glenn shares this work in workshops and groups. He runs a Preparation for Therapy group using NVC and Gestalt at a low cost centre in Dublin. Glenn lectures on Gestalt psychotherapy on the BA programme at the International College for Personal and Professional Development.