Grow and Make Your Dreams Come True

Gestalt Personal Development Course with Agnieszka Milewski-Lopez

This course is for you, if you:

  • are struggling to make important life choices (college, work, career, moving etc.)
  • are looking to create changes in your life,
  • want to live a life that is truer to your potential,
  • feel stuck and want to take charge of your life,
  • have dreams but feel blocked in making them come true,
  • want to understand yourself better and make aware choices,
  • are not satisfied with your current life choices and don’t know what to do,

… and you are 18-26 years old…

Then come to this 8-week Gestalt Personal Development Course. During these 8 weeks you will explore your dreams and aspirations and find your own path to making them come true. Participating in this group will offer you the opportunity of meeting other young adults who are also interested in understanding themselves and making their dreams come true.

The course will use active learning methods and Gestalt Awareness exercises, which are aimed at building upon your own experiences and strengths and supporting you to learn new decision-making strategies, based on awareness, choice and ‘response-ability’.

Course benefits:

  • foster your capacity to use creative problem-solving techniques,
  • develop a greater awareness of how you make choices and how /where you get stuck in the process,
  • discover the patterns you have developed for dealing with difficulties in your life and decide whether these strategies have outlived their usefulness,
  • work with what is experienced as being stuck and see the potential of that space,
  • the regular meeting over time with the same group of people enhances the possibility of personal development and understanding.


Agnieszka Milewski-Lopez is a Clinical Psychologist & Gestalt Psychotherapist and an experienced group facilitator. Agnieszka has extensive experience working both with individuals and groups in a variety of mental health settings both in Ireland and Poland. She is currently working in the Dublin Gestalt Centre where she primarily works with adults who are dealing with emotional and psychological difficulties. Agnieszka has a particular interest in working with groups. She enjoys supporting adults of all ages to grow and develop their awareness and own potential to find ways of being and doing that creates a life that is frequently satisfying.