Bridann Reidy

B.A., M.A., Reg. Psychol. A.F.Ps.S.I., Dip. Gestalt Therapy, Cert. Gestalt Couples Therapy, MIACP, Advanced Dip. In Supervision, Dip. Gestalt Supervision, Accredited Supervisor IACP

Bridann Reidy

Bridann is a Clinical Psychologist and Gestalt Psychotherapist, currently working as a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor in The Dublin Gestalt Centre. In 2010 she joined the Practice Development Team in the centre and works closely with Clare Counihan, Kay Ferriter and Judy O Hanlon continuing the  development of  high quality services in the centre in a professional, supportive and ethical environment.

She completed her Masters in Psychology in University College Dublin in 1981. During her early years of experience working as a clinical psychologist with people with intellectual disability, she was fortunate to work closely with clinical colleagues who had extensive background training and experience in Gestalt Therapy. She developed a deep interest in the potential for personal change that comes when we develop a fine awareness of our internal processes of  self regulation and self organization, a core concept in Relational Gestalt Therapy. She completed her training in Gestalt Psychotherapy in 1997 with Vincent Humphries in The Dublin Institute of Gestalt Therapy and with Netta Kaplan in The Nof Yam Institute of Advanced Gestalt Therapy, Israel.

Bridann has 25 years experience working as a clinical psychologist in a variety of clinical settings and 15 years experience working as a psychotherapist. She now works primarily with individuals and couples who are dealing with psychological and emotional difficulties, including all aspects of anxiety & stress, depression, trauma, grief and loss, complicated bereavement, issues of sexuality & sexual orientation and with people who are dealing with life transitions. She has a particular interest and experience in working with people who are managing / recovering from the trauma of chronic illness or accidents and in working with people who have had experiences of both emotional and sexual abuse.

Bridann works primarily with a Gestalt Psychotherapy focus but can also offer therapy sessions with a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) focus if this is helpful for her clients. She offers both short and long term psychotherapy sessions, depending on the needs of individual clients.

Bridann is an accredited Clinical Supervisor and offers Clinical and Gestalt Supervision and Mentoring to a range of clinicians who are working in both Private Practice and a variety of other healthcare settings.

B.A. Psychology, M.A. Psychology, Reg. Psychol.A.F.Ps.S.I., Diploma Gestalt Therapy, Advanced Diploma in Supervision (Counselling & Psychotherapy), Dip. Gestalt Supervision, M.I.A.C.P., Accredited Supervisor IACP.

Clinical Psychologist and Gestalt Psychotherapist,

Clinical Supervisor and Gestalt Supervisor