James Moynes

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James Moynes

People who come to therapy want to make changes in their life. At some time we will all face circumstances which challenge our resilience: illness; bereavement and mortality; depression and anxiety; trauma and violence; relationship problems; career difficulties; loss of identity; spiritual crisis. When difficult experiences leave us feeling helpless and stuck, the work of self-exploration opens new doors of possibility.

Therapy is a space of caring acceptance. It is a conversation between two people, fully open to the richness and complexity of emotions and experience.

What happens in this space is up to you. You might want to take stock and make peace with the past. You might want to set goals and find a path forward. You might want to find a way of living with greater ease in the present moment. My professional approach is rooted in the person-centred approach, which puts the individual and their personal journey at the centre of the work.

My work draws on those currents which have been helpful to me in my own life: humanistic psychology, Focusing-experiential therapy, Person-Centred theory, Gestalt, sensory awareness, mythology. I find wisdom in both eastern and western spirituality, but I do not align to a particular religion: the work will support your own way to find meaning in life.


James Moynes (he/him),
MSc Counselling & Psychotherapy.